#impmi campaign on twitter

#impmi  is a campaign to celebrate the International Project Management DAY and for this purpose the PMI Rome Italy chapter is launching a campaign on twitter which has the objective of raising funds for the PMI Education Foundation.

The PMI ROME Italy Chapter will give 10 Euro cents per twit to the PMIEF with a ceiling of 2500 unique twets

Each tweet should indicate what does being PMI means to You and a picture of yourself in something that represents you.

It is mandatory to put the hashtag #impmi , optionally you can add an hashtag to identify your chapter (e.g. #pmirome).

An example of a post that will qualify for the fund raising:
#impmi every day in doing my work with my team and my customers (#pmirome).

The campaign is open to any PMI member worldwide…


  • Other chapters can contribute to the budged and increase the budget that goes to the PMI EF. If you are a chapter leader and you are interested in supporting this campaign send a message to vincenzo.arnone@pmi-rome.org
  • For all the above all posts should be in English…. local language posts are not recommended but are accepted
  • One post per twitter account.
  • Retwits are not counted

We would like to thank  Ms. Alessandra Tappi (Senior Project Manager, PMP, volunteer of the PMI Rome Italy Chapter) for having contributed to the envisioning of such a campaign.

Vincenzo Arnone
Director External Relationship and Membership.